The Systems of Order in Music

.  Tonality

.  Differences in Understanding as Reflected by Language

.  The Beginnings of Musical History

.  The “New Sound” Composers of the 20th Century
    and the Range of Intervals

.  Advancing to the Transcendental Play of Music

.  Musical Insight into the Culture of Peoples

.  Musical Relationships

.  The Musical Path to Self-Knowlegde

.  Homophony

.  Polyphony

.  The Counterpoint

.  The Threefold Perfect Form of the Harmony

.  Relations in Music

  Scientific Fundamentals of
  Music Aesthetics

.  The Image of Musical Beauty

.  The Embodiments of Harmony

.  Motivation and Responsibility of the Musician

.  Reversal of the Reality of Creating Music

.  Analysis of the Process of Creating Music

.  Music Theory

.  The Natural Potential of the True Artist

.  Synthesis of the Artistic and Cultural Achievement of Music

  The Science of Music

.  The Scope of the Science of Music

.  The Inner Breath of Music

.  The Function of the Inner Breath in Music

.  The Scientific Aspect in Music

.  The Perfect Musical Description

.  The Twofold System of Music Analysis of the Composer

.  The Aspect of Humanities in Music

.  The True Field of Science in Music

.  The Sociology of Music

.  The Ecology of Music

.  The Physics of Music

.  The Physiology of Music

.  The Economy of Music

.  Music Critique

.  Dance in Music

  Music and Speech

.  Speech

.  The Superiority of Music over the Language of Today

.  Fundamental Research

.  The Organ of Speech

.  The Smithy of Thought

.  Sovereignty over Bound and Free Creativit

.  The Dimension of Creative Unfoldment

.  Control over the World of Thinking

.  Content and Form, Meaning and Structur

.  The Share of the Senses of Perception in the
    Process of Gaining Knowledge

.  The Language of Music

.  How Our Ancestors Used Language

.  Conclusions from the Ancient Records

.  The Legacy of Our Ancestors

.  The Task Set by Our Ancestor






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